Space Cruiser Vitalis is an animated television series aimed at a 10-15 years old audience. It tells the story of two kids, Remy, a 9 years old boy and his 15 years old sister, who are thrown in the world of the adults and must make their way to survive and stop a galactic level conspiracy. They are helped in their quest by the crew of the space thug Vitalis, a bunch of highly colored characters who will act as their family and support them through their difficult journey.


A lively early teenage girl. She became orphaned when her only parent, her adoptive grandmother, a renouned scientist, was killed to cover up a political conspiracy of galactic magnitude. She and her little brother Remy are the only witness to the incident and are pursued by the instigators of the conspiracy. Their only hope lies in the help they get from the crew of the Vitalis.



A young kid. He was raised with his sister Breeze by their grandmother. Pursued by her assassins, a bunch of dangerous galactic conspirators, he considers the Vitalis and its crew his new home and family.



The captain of the Vitalis, Ugo Burkel is the archetypical sailor man. A friend of their late grandmother, he rescued Remy and Breeze from certain death at the hand of the conspirators. Under a severe and even dark attitude, Burkel is a caring man and serves as father figure to the 2 kids.



Brunet is the youngest member of the crew of the Vitalis. Just a bit older than Breeze, he is quite attracted to her, a mutual feeling, although they both dont really know how to express it.



Old Pep is a bizarre polymorph plant life form serving as main engineer on the Vitalis. Remy and him are very fond of each other, as the young kid sees the old creature as some sort of grandfatehr surrogate. Pep is both wise and full of humor.



Lucy the diamond girl is a cristalline entity serving as helmswoman of the Vitalis. Remy fell in love with her at first sight and this kid love makes him very close to Lucy who acts with him in very motherly ways.



Straflagar is the first mate of the Vitalis. He tries to be an authority figure but does not quite make it as his authority is in fact more enforced by the sense of duty of his fellow crewmates. he dreams of being a hero, a kind of space Napoleon.



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