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Welcome to the Qosmiq Comics where various short comics done by the member of Qosmiq can be found. Be sure to check from time to time as this page is bound to be updated on a random basis.


  • No Tango, Agent Alto! A 6 pages comic jam by Ghislain Barbe and Bonhomme. In french.
  • CROUIC! A one page comic jam by bobbi Burquel, Ghislain barbe & Henbe.
  • State of Grace: Sacrifice, a 8 pages comic from 1999 by Ghislain Barbe and Qosmiq friend Phil Boulle. In color!
  • TOTAL PANIC, A 4 pages preview of Ghislain Barbe's ongoing paperbound comic!!!
  • HORUS, a 5 pages preview of Johane Matte's ongoing Rufftoon paperbound comic!!!!
  • A 24 pages 24 Hours Comics by Johane Matte of Rufftoon. 8 pages presently online. Still being inked. Check regularly for new pages!!!!
  • Harry Potter comic strips by Johane Matte of Rufftoon. In color!